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(using only 100% pure Botox from Allergan)

1 Area  £150

2 Areas £200

3 Areas £250

4 Areas £300

5 Areas £350

(Review appointment can be carried out at any time

throughout treatment, however, top up if needed

will only be administered at end of week 2 if practitioner deems this to be needed

(The onus is on the patient to contact clinic for top-up appointment)


Hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating) £360

Hyperhidrosis (for hand sweating) £360

Gummy smile correction using Botox £150

Dimple/orange peel Chin correction using Botox £70

Masseter reduction using Botox £250

Brow lift using Botox £200

Neck treatment using Botox £300

Bunny lines using Botox £70

Bruxism (teeth grinding) using Botox £250

Migraine treatment using Botox £300

Smoker line treatment using Botox £150                                                                   LIP AUGMENTATION


Lip Augmentation using Juvederm smile/volift 0.5ml £200 

Lip Augmentation using Juvederm smile/volift 1ml £250 






Cheek augmentation using Juvéderm voluma (per 1ml) £250

Under Eye rejuvenation using Juvéderm volbella £400

Non-surgical rhinoplasty using Juvéderm voluma £300

Chin augmentation using Juvéderm voluma £250

Jawline contouring using Juvéderm voluma (per 1ml) £250

Temple rejuvenation using Juvéderm voluma (per 1ml) £250

Marionette lines using Juvéderm voluma (per 1ml) £250

Smokers lines using Juvéderm volift (per 1ml) £250

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